Important Announcement!

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, all WWLL classes are suspended effective March 16th until further notice. For the latest information on coronavirus – COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control's coronavirus page and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's coronavirus page.

President's Message

Hopefully WWLL’s Spring semester will help hasten winter’s departure

Happily all of our perennial courses return. These include American Issues, Greater Boston Cultural Institutions, and History Potpourri, which combined will present 30 distinguished and interesting guest speakers. We welcome the return of Steve Lowe and his course on the U.S. Constitution. We also welcome a new course taught by a new teacher: Great Trials That Changed History, by Wellesley resident Dennis Curran, MA Superior Court Trial Justice (Ret.).

On the news front, last semester we welcomed Barbara Mason and Richard Stellar as directors, and Barbara Heller as the teacher of German. This semester we welcome 20+year WWLL teacher Lois Ziegelman as a director. Sad news was the passing last summer of long-time Writing Your Story teacher Pat Herlinger.

Thanks to everyone for helping make our move to the Wellesley Community Center such a success. On that note, please continue to tell your friends about WWLL.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

—Bruce Belason


Inclement weather: Classes cancelled only if Wellesley schools are closed. Classes start at the usual time if the Wellesley schools’ opening is delayed.

Handicap accessibility: Six of eight classrooms are handicap accessible. Two classrooms on the lower level require assistance for those using wheelchairs.

Parking: Parking is often a challenge in our auto-driven society. It can also be for WWLL. The best advice: Arrive early to have the best options, which include:

  • The Wellesley Community Center’s (WCC) lot. It is sizeable, but cannot accommodate all registrants. Note: See notes on accessing this lot on the DIRECTIONS page (and also the LOCAL DETAIL MAP there).
  • See the PARKING MAP on the DIRECTIONS page for nearby non-metered options, or call WWLL at 781-205-4204. Please do not call the WCC.
  • There are metered options (bring quarters) one-two blocks west on Washington St., including a large municipal lot off Eaton Court (credit card). See LOCAL DETAIL MAP on the DIRECTIONS page.