Registration Instructions

Please read the instructions below and fill out your course selections for the Fall 2018 semester.

  1. You can register by postal mail or on site. Note: No on site registration before September 17.
  2. Fee(s) per person all courses: One course $40. Two courses $70. Note: Two five-week courses that meet at the same time (e.g., 11:30) but different weeks (e.g., Weeks 1-5, 6-10) count as one course.
  3. A course meeting fewer than 10 sessions still costs $40. When the course doesn’t meet, you may attend any other course that meets at the same time.
  4. Our receipt of the Registration Form and your check completes your registration unless you hear from us.

Registration Form

Make check payable to WWLL. Mail to WWLL, P.O. Box 812248, Wellesley, MA 02482-0016

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10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Classes
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