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  • American Issues

    Invited speakers provide historical background and depth to issues facing the US today and respond to questions and comments from the class. Filmed and aired on Wellesley cable television and on YouTube, this course is designed to stimulate a discussion that will extend beyond the classroom and contribute to a more informed community.

    • September 17: Janet Applefield, Holocaust survivor, “The Importance of Active Citizenship”
    • September 24: Erik Fleegler, M.D., Children’s Hospital, “Guns as a Health Issue”
    • October 1: Paul Willen, senior economist and policy adviser, research dept., Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, “The Impact of the Federal Reserve”
    • October 15: Amy Schram, Better Business Bureau, “Scams and How to Recognize Them”
    • October 22: Jamie Jurgensen, director, Wellesley Free Library, “The Evolving Role of the Town Library”
    • October 29: John Dirlam, historian, “A Presentation in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of the End of the First World War in November, 2018”
    • November 5: Steve Lowe, lecturer on U.S. Constitutional history, “The Supreme Court in 2018”
    • November 12: Tom Paine, author and historian, “Celebrating 234 Years of Boston/Chinese History”
    • November 19: James Eldridge, MA senator, “The Need for Prison Reform”
    • November 26: Alan Schechter, emeritus professor of political science, Wellesley College, “US Foreign Policy”

    Course Coordinators: Ann Dolbear, Marian Stevens & Jill Strang

    Videographer: Bill Stanwood.

  • Ballroom Basics

    Dancing is the perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation. It’s a full body workout for the mind, body and spirit. Learn the basic step elements, posture, poise, lead/follow, technique, etc. Merengue, waltz, foxtrot, tango, swing, rumba, salsa/cha cha. No partner or prior experience necessary.

    Teacher: Paul Hughes is a certified member of the Dance Teachers Club of Boston, the American Society of Teachers of Dance and National Dance Council of America, and teaches ballroom dancing in the Cambridge Public Schools.

  • Bright Moments of Jazz and Rock

    Minimum enrollment 6

    This course celebrates the great bands and stars of pop, rock and jazz. We listen to recordings, watch videos and talk about a wide variety of musicians and bands. Social, historical and musical context will be provided. Examples of the artists included are Fats Domino, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Miles Davis, Elvis Presley, BB King, Charlie Parker, Carole King, Adele, Sting, Tower of Power and James Brown.

    Teacher Tom Doran is a bassist/vocalist who has been playing locally for 48 years. He loves to talk about and play music, so if you do too, please join!

  • Greater Boston Cultural Institutions

    Boston, a major cultural center, boasts a wealth of museums, libraries, gardens, historic destinations, art galleries, authors, etc.

    The following will visit WWLL this semester:

    • September 17: Aviation in Massachusetts, John Galluzzo, author
    • September 24: Reagle Music Theatre, Bob Eagle, founder
    • October 1: Telephone Museum, Vince Valentine, CEO
    • October 15: Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods, Jeffrey Cramer, curator of collections
    • October 22: McMullen Art Museum, Nancy Joyce, docent
    • October 29: WBUR, Amy Macdonald, director of community engagement
    • November 5: Revels, Paddy Swanson, artistic director
    • November 12: Boston Harbor Now, Alice Brown, director of water transportation
    • November 19: Massachusetts National Guard Museum and Archives, Leonid Kondratiuk, director, historical/militia affairs
    • November 26: GrubStreet writing center, Jeannie Blasberg, board member

    Course Organizers: Ross Atkin & Fran Weisse

  • Learning to Express Yourself in French

    Using a selection from literature to be distributed as a basis for conversation, we learn to narrate in French the action in those selections, and to describe the characters, the setting and the meaning. We will then apply our new knowledge to events in our personal lives. An intermediate level of French capability is required.

    Teacher: Norman Gaudet taught French at Newton North. A graduate of Boston College, he has an AMT from Harvard and did advanced studies in French at the Sorbonne.

  • Poetry For The People, Part XI: Poets Of The Western States

    Sessions 3 – 10, starts October 1

    The 11th Poetry for the People course will feature poets from the American West. Does geography inform the poetry of these men and women, some of whom are state poet laureates? Please join us in discussing the work of poets from states such as Alaska, Colorado, California, Montana and more. Everyone is strongly encouraged to share his or her insights into the works of these poets. Your views are a significant part of this class’s experience.

    Teacher: Chuck Kamar received his bachelor’s from Boston State and his master’s from Boston University. He taught for 34 years in the Newton Public Schools, the last 20 of which at Newton North. In 1998 he won the Paul E. Elicker Award for Excellence in Teaching.

  • Unknown But Not Forgotten: A Social History Of 19th Century America Through Women’s Lives

    Women represent 50 percent of the population, but rarely more than five percent of our historical narrative. We look at American History through the lens of six women who are not particularly well known, but whose lives reflected the texture of American society and the changing roles of women within it. Using diaries and secondary sources we will explore the context of the lives of women such as Martha Ballard of Augusta, Maine, a late 18th century herbalist and midwife; Sara Ripley, an early 19th century resident of Waltham, MA, and Harriet Ann Jacobs, of North Carolina, born into slavery in 1813.

    Teacher: David Moore taught in the history and social sciences department at Newton North. He received his master’s degree from Boston College. He received the Charles Dana Meserve outstanding teacher award in 1993. His particular history interests include classical Greece, American Studies and the Holocaust.

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